Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hey Guys, sorry about the sudden name change I got really bored last night and thought I'd make it something different. Not realising that this wiped all of my lovely comments from previous posts which is really upsetting. Don't worry, I memorised all of your comments....I wish. At least now I know to NEVER change the name again.
Anyways. Really craving this necklace from withasianstereotypes. Definitely check out their blog and shop coz their pieces are amazzzingg, and really well priced...drool.
Also if anyone's interested I'm selling heaps of my clothes on eBay including some Dr Martens and LOADS of vintage stuff of which should go up over the next few weeks. Hope everyone is having an amazing last few days of holidays (if you have them) or weekend. Will be uploading some piccies tonight from Natasha's 18th. Woop Woop.
Listen: Uffie-A.D.D.S.U.V


  1. omg that's an amazing necklace! agh!

  2. such an incredible piece art. that necklace is beautiful.

    xoxo merissa

  3. i love it also definitely going to check out their blog!

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