Thursday, July 15, 2010

Missing Those Copper Tones

For some reason everything is reminding of me old flaming orange hair. Oh how I miss it! Can't wait for school to finish so I can finally dye it back!
Btw. Sorry for the lack of posts I've been procrastinating study too much by watching tv. No time for internet when Law and Order is constantly on.
P.P.S I got my nose pierced. Woo. Yeah. Uh-Huh. It hurt a lot but totally worth it! And for everyone who wanted to know I got it at Inner Vision at Surry Hills which was really good. The guy is a total badass. I'll upload some rad photos after the weekend of my slowly healing nose.
Listen: Big Boi-Shutterbug
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  1. Hey! thanks for visiting my blog, I like yours and I specially like this post because I've got orange hair too! and I love it, so I understand you haha

    I follow ;)


  2. I want see your Ken bow tie if you do it :)
    I love your blog !!!

  3. Oh i love red hair, wish i was brave enough!!
    And getting your noise pierced is exciting, bet it looks great!

  4. ohh i love fiery redheads <3 it's about the most amazing hair colour ever, like an accessory just by itself!