Saturday, May 29, 2010

Watch This Space.

I've been a big supporter of Triple J Unearthed for a long time now, but I've never seen such determined young hopefuls trying (and succeeding) to break into the music world. Unearthed High Finalists The Living Eyes and The Harry Heart Chrysalis definitely caught my eye (or should I say ear) with their raw and fresh sounds.
The Living Eyes from Victoria pride themselves in playing old school 60s tunes, semi Tame Impala-esque (ie my favourite band). Whereas The Harry Heart Chrysalis is a solo project by 16 year old Harry Ward, more to the sound of Bon Iver (...jizz).
Listen and vote for these bands and others here.

P.S. had a little shopping spree this weekend of which I will be sharing with you tomorrow. Hope everyone's having a good weekend.
Listen: Coconut Records-The Summer

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Decided to conform and sign up to bloglovin.

Tribunicia Potestas

Finally I'm Back! The lovely people at Apple decided to revive my beloved laptop (now named Dolores) into my eager (sweaty) hands after waiting for what feels like forever (a whole 6 days). After having a minor panic attack about my school work, I am finally back on track, getting half of my ancient essay done (hence the nerdy Roman title).
Anyways, can't wait to catch up on everything I've missed (ie. Rumi of fashiontoast's new blog etc.). Starting with these great photos from johnnysbird which I am currently obsessing over. Aren't the two in the first photo the hottest couple ever?
Listen: Jonsi-Go Do

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sharp Edges.

Seeing as my 17th birthday is coming up (only 12 days to go) I've been searching for my perfect present. Not really knowing what I want (except the whole Miu Miu collection) I decided I may aswell set the bar high with these bags 1. Hermes and 2. Chloe...I may aswell work my way down from these crazy price tags.
In other horrific laptop decided to commit suicide last night just before I backed it fun. So won't be blogging too much this week (I guess that's a good thing seeing I have a shitload of work to get to). So have a fun week and I'll continue searching for pressies.
Listen: Prince-Raspberry Beret

Saturday, May 15, 2010


After begging my mum for a cat for my 17th birthday (along with another ear piercing), I decided to search for the perfect kitty. Where better to search than the epic site The Catorialist? I especially love the third stealthily badass. I'll be presenting these photos to her tonight. Wish me luck!
The Catorialist

Something Is Not Right With Me

Having a lonely day at home eating frozen yoghurt. Can't face my school work. I guess I'll just continue with whatever this is I'm fun.
Listen: Cold War Kids-Pregnant
1. Unknown, 2. Nineteen Candles, 3. Unknown

Friday, May 14, 2010

Contemplation Determination.

Currently contemplating a nipple piercing. Abbey just makes them look so cool.

Boy in a Rock and Roll Band

New found boy obsession: Johannes Linder. At 19 he has already modelled for Boss and Jill Sander. If only he lived remotely close to me. A quick mention of Ash Stymest-you will never be replaced...yum.
Photos: Shadows Playing, Unknown

Ridiculously Awesome Person of the Week: Zippora Seven

Zippora Vermillion Rose Seven (such a hektik name!) is on everyone's lips. This New Zealander (we'll just claim her as our own) first came to our attention in her controversial shoot in Russh (oh no a nipple!). Anyways...Zippora is rapidly becoming one of the most recognised models within Australia. Might I just mention that she is the same height as me and only 1 year older...why aren't I her already!
Photos: Randomly Unknown

Friday, May 7, 2010

Colourful Hair.

As you can probably already tell I LOVE crazy coloured hair, once dying it the same shade as an orange highlighter. Can't wait til I leave school so I can dye it these fun colours! Btw that girl with the blue hair sold me this hektik owl bag...nice girl.

Get in the Plane.

These photos are from last Saturday night with the girly girls...very random as you can probably tell but very enjoyable. Started the night off at a new friend Jesse's house filled with finger puppets, awesome dj sets and recitings of Simpsons episodes and Billy Madison, followed by a stroll to Oxford St (more like a cab ride) and ended the night off at DeeBee's for eggs benedict and wedges at 12 nutritious.
On another note, today I received such a cute letter from a shop assistant at Kiehl's at Paddington hoping I was enjoying my products, along with several free samples..YAY. That's what I call customer service! Definitely creeping into my top ten favourite stores.
Anyways, off to the library to do some riveting homework...pity me. Tomorrow is Groovin the Moo in Hunter Valley so expect some crazy new photos of me attempting to rape the whole of Vampire Weekend. :)
Photography By Sammie Lyla

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yves Saint Love

The new ring collection by Yves Saint Laurent is to die for. Dripping with gold and encasing gigantic semi-precious stones..these rings truly make me drool.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Follow Me Into Nowhere

Listen: Crystal Castles-Celestica