Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ridiculously Awesome Person of the Week: Carey Mulligan

I finally watched An Education two nights ago, and fell in love with Carey Mulligan, not to mention the amazing soundtrack. Quickly disposing of my early perceptions that Peter Sarsgaard was too creepy and old for this role, I became envious of their mature and cultural (and oh-so alternative) relationship, yet soon returned to my initial perception when he asked to look at her boobs (um pedophilia?). Despite this, Carey Mulligan has now become one of my favourite actresses with her enviously petite body and perfect French pronunciations. Watch out for big things from Mulligan (I really mean keep a close eye...she changes her hair alot!)
Listen: Duffy-Smoke Without Fire


  1. Love the dress in the last photo! xxxx

  2. love the first photos.. the dark eyebrows are stunning.

    thanks for your lovely comment :)

    Meho xx

  3. thankyou very much indeed :3

    first post i see on your blog is about miss mulligan AND I JUST KNOW IM GOING TO LIKE THE REST


  4. Thanks for the lovely comment!

    I almost watched 'an education' yesterday, what a coincidence! Decided not to do it, cause it looked kind of boring in the end. I might give it a shot after reading this, though!