Friday, May 7, 2010

Get in the Plane.

These photos are from last Saturday night with the girly girls...very random as you can probably tell but very enjoyable. Started the night off at a new friend Jesse's house filled with finger puppets, awesome dj sets and recitings of Simpsons episodes and Billy Madison, followed by a stroll to Oxford St (more like a cab ride) and ended the night off at DeeBee's for eggs benedict and wedges at 12 nutritious.
On another note, today I received such a cute letter from a shop assistant at Kiehl's at Paddington hoping I was enjoying my products, along with several free samples..YAY. That's what I call customer service! Definitely creeping into my top ten favourite stores.
Anyways, off to the library to do some riveting homework...pity me. Tomorrow is Groovin the Moo in Hunter Valley so expect some crazy new photos of me attempting to rape the whole of Vampire Weekend. :)
Photography By Sammie Lyla