Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alysha. Leysh. Aly. Aliki. Dicki

10 Things You Want to Know About Me
1. I have a phobia of moths.
2. I have a secret fetish for economics (ohh those policies...jizz).
3. I have a severe allergy to dustmites.
4. Biggy Smalls is the LOVE of my life....biggy biggy biggy can't you see...
5. I'm obsessed with kickboxing.
6. I chew food evenly on each side of my mouth (OCD).
7. 80% of my wardrobe is from Vinnies.
8. I like to suck on my baby finger...yum yum
9. I'm blatantly obvious when I'm trying to be discreet.
10. I currently own 59 pairs of shoes...and counting.


  1. hello miss
    could we possibly organise a time where we could get together so i could have a go at number 8, it sounds so tempting...

  2. :O new blog! :D
    haha number 2 O.o O.o you can't be saying that after yesterday.
    :) i was at vinnies today!
    (and thank you for the super sweet comment) xx